Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement Considerations


All garage doors need regular maintenance, as they are subject to a lot of tear and wear. Each and every day, they need to open and close at least twice, once when the driver leaves the house and once when he returns. If you have a double garage, the door is going to be used even more than four times a day.

Garage Door Spring Replacament

Springs are among the parts that wear the fastest. They need to expand and contract, supporting the immense weight of the door. This is why they need to be inspected on regular basis and replaced whenever any sign of wear is found. It is very dangerous to ignore a crack in the spring. It can break when you less expect it, generating an immense force that can hurt anyone around the door.


While any homeowner can do a thorough visual inspection of the springs, a garage door spring replacement should be performed exclusively by skilled professionals who know very well their job. These people are experts in fixing and maintaining garage doors and their components, they have the most appropriate tools and the safety equipment needed in order to avoid any injury caused by a spring or by any other part in motion.


Supposing you notice a strange behavior of your door during its movement, you shouldn’t ignore it, hoping it’s going to go away just like that, without you doing anything about it. You should immediately proceed to a visual inspection of all moving parts and rails of your door. If you inspected all elements closely but you failed to discover anything wrong with the springs, you should contact a garage door repair service and ask for a team of specialists to come to your place for determining the cause of your problems. If these specialists decide it’s time for a garage door spring replacement, you should trust them and have them do it as soon as possible.


When choosing your provider, you have to pay attention to several details such as their experience with your specific type of garage door, their availability and their flexibility. It is very important to find someone who can replace your spring in maximum one day, as a broken garage door is a gate for various burglars and criminals. The sooner you can have it fixed, the better. If the service provider tells you the team can’t come to you within a few hours, you may want to find someone else to help you.


Last but not least, although garage door springs are dangerous when they break, you shouldn’t be afraid of doing regular visual inspections by yourself. There is a very slight chance that a spring would break at the exact time you are looking at it. Nonetheless, in order to increase your safety, consider wearing goggles and protective equipment whenever you inspect your door or you perform regular cleaning and maintenance operations. Moreover, don’t allow your children nearby you while doing these things, as you may put their life in danger.